G Turbo 650

Short summary

Multi-color printer for BIG parts printing.


  • Turbo pad clean design for multi-color printing
  • Revolutionary Granite stone machine structure for performance & stability as well as protect our environment
  • Both pad & printing plate platform in I out design for max. product size
  • Four independent pad cylinders
  • Pneumatic pad in I out carriage
  • Servo drive product shuttle attachment
  • Four sealed ink cup set up
  • Able to use laser engraved Green plate, thin steel plate and polymer plate
  • Dead-on printing plate registration for quick job change
  • PLC control with large touch screen panel
  • Programmable pad cleaning cycle
  • Programmable pad stroke and speed adjustment
  • Dwell and delay time
  • Complete cabinate with light beam curtain (Optional)


Ink cup size : 0125&130mm x4
Printing plate size : 150 x 350 mm
Max. speed : (dry cycle) * 450 /hr.
Pad cylinder: 050 x 125 mm x 4
Pad carriage stroke (in/ out) : 250 mm
Power: 110/220V
Air consumption : 290 litre/min. (approx.)
Accuracy +/- : 0.05 mm
Size : (L X w X H) 1,230 x 1,300 x 1,680 mm
Weight: 856kg (approx.)

* Please note that actual output may be affected by print requirement ink drying condition, load/unload arrangement, pad stroke speed, pad hardness, production setup, product quality and production contrc’


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