Printing Plates

Our in house set up ensures you receive a rapid turn round for your print plates. The work covers artwork, films, coating, exposing, developing, etching, hardening and inspection by highly experienced staff.

We supply 10mm fine lapped steel plates hardened to 62 Rockwell, 0.25 and 0.5 and thin steel plates etched to precise depths.

We supply all types of Nylo Photopolymer plates cut and punched to any size for all makes of pad print machines. We can make the photopolymer plates for you or supply blank plates for your in house plate making.

We now supply low cost laser engraved plates with our own KCTP F-20 laser engraver. Please contact us regarding any of the below or if you need training in plate making.

Polymer/Nylo Plates

ST52 Polymer plates: Top quality solvent washable for long runs.
SI43 Polymer plates: Economy solvent washable for shorter runs.
W40K Polymer plates: Economy water washable for shorter runs.

KCTP F-20 laser engraving

We offer a fast and low cost service for our new laser engraved plates for all Kent ink cup machines and for most ink tray machines.

If you would like to try one of our new laser plates please contact us.

Solvent-free cliche plate making

Tampo Ltd are proud users and distributors of the Bubbletch plate etching technology from Kopimask. Using a combination of etching and developing salts, it is now possible to create high quality bandsteel cliche plates without using harmful solvents in the process.

For plate prices and more information on the Bubbletch unit please contact us.