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A fully computerised pad-printing machine. Designed for complex, multicolor, multi-position, high precision printing jobs. Ideal for no-man oper ation.



Features you only can find at the KENT-KCNC pad printing machine:

  • A true CNC pad printing machine
  • PLC control with touch panel interface
  • 3-axis servo motor drive
  • Sealed ink cup system
  • Large printing area 350 mm x 750 mm
  • Programmable print sequence
  • Unlimited job memory by PC *
  • Laser beam pad positioning
  • Dead-on printing plate registration
  • Auto pad height measure
  • Auto pad stroke control
  • Auto pad change
  • Auto pad cleaning
  • Affordable price
  • Safety light beam curtain
  • Enclose cabinate with air filter inlet & exhaust fan
  • Product in/out slide or rotary table (optional)


X movement 1,200 mm pad across
Y movement 550 mm pad in/out
Z movement 200 mm pad up/down

Speed : 1 meter/sec. movement speed
2.5-3 sec./dry cycle, actual speed
depends on image size
Accuracty: +/· 0.025 mm
Repeatability: +/· 0.02 mm
Max. no. of pad: 4
No. of image : Programmable
No. of prints : Programmable
No. of color : 5
Max. pad diameter : 145 mm
Max. pad height : 120 mm
Max. ink cup size : 165 mm
Max. no. of cups : TCIC-165 x 5 pcs.
Power: 220V 3 phase
Weight: Approx. 1,300 kgs
Measure (LxWxH): 1,900 x 1,500 x 1,950 mm



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